In today’s communications environment, the intelligence mission is dynamic and complex; it is a puzzle whose pieces are a multitude of communication sources. GTG’s Intercept technology enables us to collect and analyze communications from these sources, thus providing a better view of the larger intelligence picture.

The GTG Intercept intelligence concept is based on spreading a large number of different sensors that intercept different types of communication in a designated area. These sensors come in a variety of configurations and collect information which is stored in the operational database and can be transmitted to a Command and Control Center. This database can be integrated with any existing external database to enlarge the intelligence picture.

The GTG Intercept intelligence methodology ensures full configuration, control and operation of the various interception Front Ends (FE’s) simultaneously. Once activated the front ends can operate independently and without the assistance of an operator. If communication with the master station is cut-off the systems continue to run and collect intelligence regardless of the link between stations. Once a link is restored all devices are synced immediately and the task of keeping our communities safe can continue.


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