Criminal activities are moving online. From terrorist recruitment to organized crime, critical intelligence now resides onthe world wide web. The OSINT enables Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and intelligence professionals to uncover critical information in the field allowing information to be gathered and analyzed in real time.

The state-of-the-art GTG INTERCEPT – OSINT system can detect and analyze many terrorist and criminal activities by scanning designated websites, groups, social media and DARKNET forums for criminal activity and alert analysts to suspicious activity.

The system scans and crawls through online data and social media apps in real time on any and all platforms and may uncover evidence of: Smuggling, Crime, Drug Trafficking and Terrorism. The OSINT solution cross references information across data sources and can narrow the field to single targets.


  • Scanning and scraping of social media profiles within minutes
  • Social media searches by word or phrase
  • Geo location based searches and integration
  • Group analysis and link analysis of identities and their accomplices
  • IP domain analysis
  • Locating people by phone number or email address.


  • Phone number detection: Access personal details from web source information based on mobile phone data.
  • Powerful Query Engine: Identify any MSISDN number sent from operator via a secure and non-traceable proxy
  • Multi-Layer Security: Includes built-in, industry standard security mechanisms to protect integrity and reliability of intercepted data
  • External Data Sources: Import data from any external data repository to enhance operational effectiveness


GTG INTERCEPT – OSINT is based on a versatile, cloud based platform that enables organizations to gather a wide range of information including Internet account details, nicknames, phone numbers, addresses, document files and images. If required the system can be run on a local server for increased security.

  • Build client profiles of social media content to determine credit rating and risks.
  • Improve due diligence of companies by analysing social media activities of employees.
  • Discover negative or offensive Social Media posts against companies aiming to damage their reputation
  • Spotlight trends in real time.
  • Extract posts about the stock exchange; analyze the attitudes and semantics on each individual share and predict its next phase.

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