Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a term that refers to the connection between the internet and “things” using tools such as sensors, smart devices, communication capabilities and internet technologies. It bridges the digital and physical realities and brings improvements to business, society and individuals.

The Internet of Things is already bigger than many believe and used in far more applications than those which are typically mentioned in mainstream media; the increase of connected devices is staggering and accelerating.

IoT is not just about data flowing in to devices but enables analysis and information to be exchanged between devices and the cloud. Cybersecurity is essential and data and privacy must be protected. At Gravity Tech we take security seriously and you can be assured of secure solutions.

The IoT can be divided into two main areas:

CIoT (Consumer Internet of Things)
With a focus on the consumer experience, new generations of devices are being manufactured that provide immersive interactions for the purchaser which in turn offer opportunities to the producer to build new revenue streams by leveraging the available data.

Some examples include: wearables, smart watches, smart home appliances, smart TV’s and drones. The fitness and personal health industry has embraced the technology and still has real growth to come as they become independent from smart phones. Offering clear benefits to customers will boost markets as buyers desire the latest products which offer the latest technology.

IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)
Combining the power of algorithms, analytics and automation the IIoT is connecting the worlds machines, fleets, and facilities with software applications, leading to improvements in efficiency, enhancements in processes and the creation of new opportunities for business. Some examples include: smart lighting, smart meters, traffic management in smart cities and intelligent machines in factories and agriculture. The use of machines, computers and people enable intelligent industrial operations to use advanced data analytics thereby providing transformational business outcomes

Gravity Tech and the IoT
Gravity works with the client to take any product or process, customise it and enable it to be managed with ease while you stay focused on your customer.

  • Analytic services
  • Connect and manage your assets with ease
  • Simplify setting up your industrial IoT solution
  • World class security and privacy

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