Tactical Jammer


The GTG/JD7 Jammer is a portable device that blocks 4G LTE, communications in a small area such as meeting rooms, restaurants, cafes etc. It can easily be carried in a small backpack or briefcase, without any use of external antennas, making it the ideal “on the go” jammer device. This sort of device is often used by VIP protective units or Law Enforcement Agencies to shut down cellular communication.

  • Up to 4 watts per band
  • 7 bands
  • Blocks all cellular bands, Wi-Fi and bluetooth
  • Wide frequency coverage (700-2690) MHz
  • Easy, intuitive operation
  • Antennas: High gain internal 1 directional antenna
  • Internal Battery: Li-Ion + Charger
  • Total Weight: approx. 4.5Kg