Smart Cities

Smart Cities are emerging worldwide through the integration and implementation of initiatives that can improve our quality of life. Supported by the technology of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data analytics, urban environments can be elevated to be greener, safer and more efficient. Conversion to a Smart City may enrich living conditions by providing such things as cleaner water and air, improved and more efficient public services, assisting in planning and building the most efficient infrastructures, providing timesaving applications and the easing of traffic congestion which in turn enriches the lives of residents and the services they use.

IoT sensors, data networks and connected devices gather relevant data, convert it using smart applications and transform it into usable actions or insights. GPS for example can be used in conjunction with sensors and cameras to provide current traffic information leading to better traffic management of roads and public transport systems. Real-time bus and train timetables can then be displayed and people can have access to faster and safer transit options and the authorities are able to manage traffic flow and congestion.

Other examples include smart meters, robotics/drones to improve postal services, sensors to read pollution emissions, proximity sensors in cars, navigation apps, traffic flow information to determine where to position bike lanes, traffic signal pre-emption for emergency vehicles, smart parking apps to find available car parking and remote patient monitoring.

Gravity Tech has end to end solutions for any Smart City project. Having successfully integrated smart city solutions around the globe, Gravity has the R&D (research and development) department that can develop and customise solutions based on the client’s needs. Solutions may vary from security elements, facial recognition systems, water and gas solutions, traffic management, identifying crime hotspots and monitoring health alerts.

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