Hospitals have thousands of visitors a day. Many of them are sick, there is an urgent need to quickly & efficiently determine how to isolate the sick from the healthy visitors, preventing infection. Coronavirus is a threat to our lives; detection of sick people is critical in preventing the spread.

With the threat from the COVID-19 pandemic and directives issued by Departments of Health worldwide, elevated body temperature (EBT) devices have become crucial.

With the support of our distributor GOTRACK HLS, they initially installed Therm-App MD thermal cameras then upgraded to the Therm-App MD Pro at the two main entrances of the Shaare Zedek Medical Center. Before installing the Therm-App, the hospital used IR thermometers, and it created lines and crowding.

The primary purpose of the Therm-App is to detect elevated body temperature at the hospital entrance.

The secondary purpose is to create efficiency in the visitor’s flow into the hospital. More than 14,000 people enter the hospital every day, and it’s a considerable task to measure their temperature individually. A situation such as this creates long lines, frustration, and crowding. However, the Therm-App MD Pro can simultaneously and passively measure multiple people’s temperature, allowing people to be admitted in a smoother flow to the hospital without interruption. The system doesn’t put staff at risk because there’s no need to approach people to take measurements.


The system is fulfilling its purpose. The hospital has had several alerts from people with high fever, and the Therm-App is highly beneficial.

“There have been visitors sick with the Coronavirus. The Therm-App alerted us to people entering the emergency room; the symptoms included high fever and a cough. We transferred them to the biological emergency room for Coronavirus suspects. After swab tests and further examination, we confirmed they had Coronavirus.”, confirmed Eli Gargir, Director of the Defense and Operations Services Division at Shaare Zedek Medical Center.

The Therm-App is used solely as the first line of defense. The advantages of the Therm-App greatly outweigh the disadvantages. Only when there is an alert from the Therm-App is a secondary test performed with a thermometer for verification. Anyone suspected of a high temperature immediately undergoes further tests, speeding up the process.

Another advantage of the system is that it saves human resources. Previously additional security guards had to be recruited, as there was a need to control people entering before being checked with the thermometer.


It is a vital tool in such times, especially with the Ministry of Health’s directives and the Coronavirus threat.

When the threat of COVID-19 diminishes, people will continue to come to hospitals with fever and remain an infection risk to staff, patients, and visitors. As the Therm-App has no additional costs after the initial purchase and setup costs, it will give added value and remain a vital tool against viruses’ spread. If a visitor with a fever enters a wing such as oncology or PICU, the camera will continue to protect vulnerable patients.

After the first two Therm-App devices’ success, the hospital is in discussions to purchase more units.